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Water Solution for Hospitals & Healthcare Industry

Angel helps to produce safe, pure water to meet stringent standards required for patient safety.

Water is used throughout a hospital or healthcare facility. Each application has unique water quality needs, such as drinking and food service, rinsing and sterilizing surgical instruments, and dialysis treatment. So the quality of water significantly impacts the health and safety of patients and staff.

Angel provides reliable, efficient and ease-of-maintenance water solutions for hospitals and the healthcare industry, which ensures a high level of safety for the patients and staff of healthcare facilities.


Deploy two water purification systems in parallel in the water treatment plant room. It then distributes the water via dedicated distribution networks to the water-using equipment in each department.

Municipal water is treated by different purification processes, and it is provided to each department for use according to their water quality needs. In addition, when one of the systems is under maintenance, the other system can still operate normally, further ensuring the stability of water use in the hospital.

water solution for healthcare

Key Benefits

centralized water purification

Centralized Water Purification

Less noise impact in comparison to decentralized water purification facilities. Requires less land to process large volumes of safe water.

Different water output

Water for Different Uses

Different water purification technologies combining into a structured system. Strictly meet the water needs of all departments.


Cleaner Drinking Water

Circulating pipeline design to ensure patients and staff can get instant fresh water. With a multi-stage purification process that removes up to 99.9% of contaminants and odors.


Easily Accessible

Angel high volume water purification system is designed to offer safe water to patients and staff in time, even during peak times.

water purification monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring

Prevent shutdown and ensure optimal efficiency of the water treatment system. 24/7 facility monitoring brings you peace of mind.


Improve Patient Satisfaction

Angel water purification system helps healthcare facilities emphasize patient health and safety. Easily accessible clean drinking water with a better taste can improve patient experiences.


Modular Design

Water purification units are preassembled in a factory. Moreover, it is easy to scale to meet future needs as the needs of healthcare facilities grow.


Cost Saving

Lower operating & maintenance costs. Clean water can also increase the lifespan of water-using equipment.