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Alet Bottleless Freestanding RO Water Cooler


Alet water cooler built with RO and cooling system is the easiest way to stay hydrated continuously.  This bottle free solution connects directly to your water line, purify your drinking water using trustable technology and will save you the hassle and cost of traditional bottled water coolers. Your perfect bottle free solution for any high-end office. Alet freestanding RO water dispenser combines water purification and heating & cooling functions. The modern design makes this bottleless water dispenser compatible with most types of public spaces, such as offices, banks and supermarkets.

  • 5-Stage filtration: PP+GAC+RO+GAC+UV
  • Water temperature: Cold/Ambient, Hot
  • Easy-to-use touch panel
  • Child safety lock
  • Serves ≤30 users
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 units


Purer, Great-tasting Water

RO Membrane
RO Membrane

Pore size around 0.0001um, effectively remove chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals in water.

Post Nano AC filter
Post Nano AC filter

Improve the taste of water and inhibit bacteria growth effectively and continuously.

Cold Cathode UV Sterilization
Cold Cathode UV Sterilization

Prevent microorganisms from reproducing, guarantee purified water quality safety.

Designed for Your Ease to Use

Fuse premium quality with exceptional everyday usability, increasing the appliance's safety, convenience and performance.

Two Temperatures
Two Temperatures

Quickly get perfectly cold or steamy hot water.

Displays Filter Life
Displays Filter Life

Clearly displays the filter's life to remind you to replace it.

Visible in the Dark
Visible in the Dark

Buttons are visible at night or in the dark, easy to get water for drinking.

Removable Drip Tray
Removable Drip Tray

Easy to clean, keep sanitary.


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Water Capacity 75GPD
Cooling Capacity W-Y1251LKY-ROM: 3 L/h ≤10℃
W-Y1251LKD-ROM: 0.7L/h ≤15℃
Heating Capacity W-Y1251LKY-ROM: 10 L/h ≥90℃
W-Y1251LKD-ROM: 20L/h ≥90℃
Filter Stage 1: PP
Stage 2: GAC
Stage 3: RO
Stage 4: GAC
Tank Capacity RO water: 10L

- Cold water: 3.5L
- Hot water: 1.6L

- Cold water: 0.7L
- Hot water: 3.5L
Power Consumption W-Y1251LKY-ROM: 1135W
- Compressor cooling: 80W
- Heating: 1000W

W-Y1251LKD-ROM: 2122W
- Electronic cooling: 70W
- Heating: 2000W
Dimensions (W*D*H) 360*360*1170mm
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line