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Water Solution for Food Services

Angel helps food service providers serve the best food and beverages to their customers.

Water plays a massive role in the food service industry, the cooking and drinking are inseparable from water. High-quality water ensures the food is cooked in its natural color and taste, and can even improve the flavor of food and beverage. Moreover, high-quality water can provide an overall pleasant experience for the customers.

With extensive experience and knowledge, Angel provides a total water purification solution for all facets of the food service industry, from coffee shops to large restaurant franchises, from food materials cleaning to equipment cleaning. Angel water purification system feeds water to ice machines, steamers, coffee makers, dishwashers, and drinking water point of use.


This water solution is for small and medium-sized restaurants with an 80~100sqm kitchen, and it consists of a microfiltration water purifier and water-using equipment. The J2820-CS1100 microfiltration water purifier is connected to the ultraviolet lamp, then to the water boiler, ice maker and RO water dispenser. We will suggest food service providers add a water softener to the water solution according to the water quality in the local place usually. It can help to keep the water-using equipment clean.


Key Benefits


Great Water Quality

Magadi 1100 microfiltration water purifier can effectively remove most of the harmful substances in the water, retain the minerals and trace elements needed by the human body.


Flexible Water Distribution

Connect with other water treatment equipment to meet your special needs, such as water softener, to prevent scaling and corrosion on equipment.


High Flow Rate

Water filters are installed in series and parallel for filtered water supply reaches 1000 L/h.


Make Food Taste Better

Magadi 1100 comes with ACF filters that are excellent at removing chlorine and related poor taste and odor, making foods and drinks taste and smell better.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Better taste for food and drink, spot free glasses and dishes leading to improved customer experiences.


Customization Available

Angel water purification system can be installed both Pre and Post construction, and the devices vary from small to large to meet all of your water supply needs.