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Drinking Water at Public Places

Angel helps public places improve passengers satisfaction with cleaner drinking water.

Public places include but are not limited to transport terminals, theaters, enclosed sports arenas, museums and libraries. These places have a large passenger flow daily. As an infrastructure for public places, drinking water devices not only need to solve the problem of large water consumption during peak hours and avoid potential health and safety hazards to the crowd, but also need to provide high-quality services. Easy accessible clean drinking water is essential for adequate comfort and health of the passengers. If there are high levels of bacteria in the water that can seriously affect human health, that may lead to "diarrhea, gastroenteritis, stomach ache, vomiting, etc. Therefore, the availability of clean drinking water is one of the basic amenities identified by public places.

Drinking water devices influence the service quality of public places. Deploying Angel drinking water devices in public places will help to improve passenger satisfaction. Angel RO drinking water devices have a solid exterior to make the unit vandal resistant. And they are easy to use and accessible to all. The most impressive thing about Angel RO drinking water devices is their purifying. The RO filter removes 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, and the pre and post AC filters can remove 95% residual chlorine and inhibit the growth of 97% of E.coli. Therefore, Angel RO drinking water devices deliver the purest, most refreshing drink possible. Plus, the water capacity of Angel RO drinking water devices is up to 800GPD, so they are perfect for the busy public places environment.


Deploy Angel RO drinking water devices including water dispensers and refill stations at the drinking water area, and connect to the existing water supply. Angel high-capacity RO drinking water devices can supply pure water 24 hours a day to meet the high demand for drinking water in busy public places such as airports and train stations. Drinking water from Angel RO drinking water devices is cleaner, safer and better-tasting. Plus, Angel RO drinking water devices are designed for easy-to-use, so passengers can easily access to drinking water.


Key Benefits


Quick Deployment

Angel RO drinking water devices can be deployed quickly as a POU drinking water solution. Without lay pipelines again, just connects to the existing water supply.


Cleaner Drinking Water

With a multi-stage purification process that removes up to 99.9% of contaminants and odors. Supports real-time filter monitoring that ensures cleaner water quality.


Great Service Quality

Angel RO drinking water devices can easily meet the water demand of public places- deliver high-capacity and cleaner drinking water. Also comes with a child safety lock.


Improve Passenger Satisfaction

Easily accessible drinking water with cleaner water quality and a better taste, that can improve passenger experiences.


Customization Available

Angel can customize parts of drinking water devices upon request, including filters and water tank capacity.


Unmatched Sustainability

Angel drinking water solution not only supplies passengers with safe drinking water, but also contributes to the reduction of plastic waste.