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Drinking Water Solution for Education Institutions

Clean drinking water helps to keep students and teachers focused on education.

Some education institutions still have water problems that affect the drinking water safety of students, such as the drinking water facilities in schools are not perfect. The campus period is the best stage for students' physical development, and it is necessary to intake enough water. If there are quality problems in drinking water, it will directly affect students' health. This can also negatively impact faculty productivity. In addition, poor drinking habits among students that is not pay attention to drinking water, and insufficient daily drinking water are very common.

Angel provides different drinking water solutions according to the needs of different water use scenarios in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and universities. Angel drinking water solution provides students with high-quality and safe drinking water, to ensure the health of teachers and students in the education institutions. This not only effectively solves the problems of healthy drinking water and cost savings for teachers and students in schools, but also improves the hardware facilities of schools and meets the personalized water needs of the education system.

POU Drinking Water Solution

Install an AHR28 refill station at the drinking water area on each floor of the academic building—no need to lay pipelines, just connects to the existing water supply. Multi-stage purification and real-time filter monitoring ensure safe and healthy water quality. With a drain system, no germs or mold from standing water or damp water trays. It is worry-free to get water during peak hours, and it can serve up to 300 users continuously.


POE Drinking Water Solution

Central water purification equipment is installed in the equipment room for centralized water purification. The purified water is transported to the water dispensers or water boilers in the dining hall, education building, or dormitory through pipelines. The dedicated equipment room can ensure the sanitation and safety of the clean drinking water production process. Plus, if the university wants to improve the drinking water coverage, it just needs to add water dispensers, which can help reduce facilities costs.

Key Benefits


Easily Accessible

Refill stations and water dispensers are placed wherever students and staff need to access drinking water. It gives students and staff easy access to purified water, it is convenient for people who are constantly in a hurry.


Great-Tasting Drinking Water

Tap water is filtered through an advanced purification process that removes up to 99% of contaminants and odors. The taste of water is improved with the AC filter to produce a fresh taste.


Health Implications

Since the water tastes great, it encourages better water drinking habits and limits the amount of sugary beverages students drink per day. Increasing the intake of water can also combat the obesity epidemic among students.



The supply of water is unlimited as it flows directly from the building's main water supply. No need to order, store and lift bottles. Reduces the management and financial burden on the education institution.


Customized Service

Angel water purification system can be installed both Pre and Post construction, and the devices vary from small to large to meet all of your water supply needs.



Angel drinking water solution helps to reduce the overall amount of plastic waste found on campuses. It allows students to contribute to the health of the planet, while still getting access to water they need.