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Why Choose Angel as Your Partner

Partner with Angel to deliver water solutions that overcome challenges that the quality of water deteriorating day by day. Whether you are a reseller, distributor or service franchise, becoming a partner gives you access to an award-winning product portfolio, comprehensive sales and marketing support designed to maximize your profit. Here are the reasons why you should choose Angel as your partner for water purification, water filtration, water dispensing and water softening products.



Meet customer needs with Angel industry-leading water purification, water filtration, water dispensing and water softening portfolio. With Angel expanding its footprint to residential and commercial places, we make sure our partners can solve customer pain points while future-proofing for tomorrow.

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We even have the ability to customize our water purification & filtration systems to meet your customers’ specific needs. It will help you offer highly extraordinary service that goes far beyond what your competitors do.

Partner Enablement

Partner Enablement

• Our sales team supports partners every step of the way by providing focused incentives and project pricing support.
• Develop and grow your business with diverse marketing materials and joint local marketing activities.
• Local leads and market intelligence will be referred to you.
• Take advantage of expert technicians for direct and prioritized technical support.

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