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Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the past 30 years, Angel insists on technological innovation and fully promotes research, development, and application of "water-saving" technology. We promote environmental protection with science and technology and calls on more people to participate in public welfare undertakings with practical actions. Angel has achieved many of its CSR milestones since it opened its doors.

  • Promoting Health
  • Education Aid Program
  • Help Disaster Victims
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fighting COVID-19
  • Promoting Health
    Clean water is a basic necessity for life but is not a reality for most of our global population. Angel commits to eliminating this threat that continues to grow.
    • To date, Angel has provided water purifiers and water dispensers to more than 100 schools throughout China, to help over 100,000 students to access clean water.
    • In August 2017, Angel and JD.com held the "National Water Quality Testing Public Welfare Action" in Shenzhen, China.
  • Education Aid Program
    To offer better learning opportunities for under-resourced students, Angel teamed up with Ming Foundation to launch the Education Aid Program in 2017.
    • Angel donated 2 million yuan to 600 needy students in Qinghai, China. This program improves the students' learning conditions and enhances their learning opportunities.
  • Help Disaster Victims
    The impact of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can be affected for weeks or months after disaster strikes. Rebuilding and recovery take a lot of time and effort and resources often run short. Angel donates supplies and equipment to people who have been affected and the rescue workers.
    • 2021 - Henan
    • 2013 - Ya'an, Sichuan
    • 2010 - Guangxi
  • Environmental Protection
    Provide highly professional and practical value for enterprises and governments to jointly protect biodiversity and, at the same time, enhance citizens' awareness of nature and ecology.
    • Ming Foundation discovered and recorded more than 2,000 species of animals and plants in Tanglang Mountain.
    • Completed the ecological map drawing of Tanglang Mountain and the book "Tanglang Mountain Ark Nature Study Trail."
    • Produced video - "Designers in the TangLang Mountains" is one of the Best Documentary Short Film Award nominations at 2018 International Green Film Week.
  • Fighting COVID-19
    Our response to the pandemic focuses on providing KN95 masks and RO water dispensers, ensuring the safety of drinking water for medical staff and patients.
    • 2020 – Took advantage of our core technology and production environment for manufacturing high-quality anti-virus and antibacterial RO membranes and opened up a KN95 mask production line.
    • 2020 - Donated to hundreds of designated hospitals for epidemic prevention and control across the country, including Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai, etc.
    • 2021 – Donated to hospitals in cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou.