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Neva Whole House Water Softener


Obsessively engineered, simply functional. Neva water softener comes with an accessible front panel for adding salt easier. Plus, low salt alerts let you know when to refill your salt tank, it also supports vacation mode. Neva water softener exchanges hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium in water, reduces scale buildup, water stains and spots, improves skin and hair softness, extends the life of your appliances, and preserves your favorite clothing.

  • Human-centered design, easy to add salt
  • Low salt alert
  • Inlet/outlet & wastewater connection


Everyday Ease

Modern, Ergonomic Design
Modern, Ergonomic Design

Featured a LCD display with intuitive interface. And comes with an easy front panel for adding salt easier.

Two-way Flow Distribution
Two-way Flow Distribution

The raw water diffuses through the upper distributor water flow distribution is more uniform, improving work and regeneration efficiency.

On-Demand Regeneration
On-Demand Regeneration

Support meter immediate, meter delayed, time-initiated and hybrid modes. Also, it can automatically calculate intelligently according to the basic parameters of the water softener.


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Resin 25L Rohm and Haas resin
Flow Rate 2200 L/h

Operating Temperature 4-40℃
Operating Pressure 140~350kPa
Dimensions (W*D*H) 314*474*1070mm
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line