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Magic Cube Under Sink RO Water Purifier


Magic Cube RO water purifier offers two models that support 400GPD/ 500/ 600 GPD capacity. It features two filters that provide 4-stage water filtration, then effectively remove sediment, rust, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria from water. The product size becomes smaller while ensuring water purification efficiency as well. This under sink water purifier provides purified drinking water on demand, with no waiting around for the filtration process to run its course. Its new filter structure design ONE-PUSH makes filter change easier and faster. It supports time-delay protection and the water purifier will stop pumping automatically when the pump keeps working for over one hour. And Magic Cube comes with one lead-free faucet that protects you from secondary pollution.

  • 400/500/600 GPD capacity
  • 4-Stage filtration: PP+AC+RO+AC
  • Filter life reminder
  • Automatic self-cleaning water filter
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 units


Powerful Water Treatment

Powerful Water Treatment

The composite filter not only remove large particles, residual chlorine, antibiotic and odors, also inhibit the growth of bacteria as well.

Long-lasting RO Membrane

Comes with a 3-year lasting RO membrane with pore 0.0001 micron, removing viruses, bacteria, organic matter and heavy metals, delivering you pure water.

Long-lasting RO Membrane
Low Wastewater Ratio

Low Wastewater Ratio

Magic Cube water purifier uses pulse flow technology to ensure pure water to wastewater ratio of 1.5:1. There's also an automatic feature that flushes out wastewater.

Compact Size

Magic Cube is a tankless RO water purifier with compact size that saves space and allows for a flexible installation.

Compact Size


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Water Capacity W-J2904-ROB60: 400GPD
W-J2904-ROB75: 500GPD
W-J2904-ROB90: 600GPD

Flow Rate W-J2904-ROB60: 60 L/h
W-J2904-ROB75: 75 L/h
W-J2904-ROB90: 90 L/h
Inlet Water Temp 5-38 °C
Inlet Water Pressure 100~300kPa
Filter & Service Life* CFIII Composite filter, 12 months
RO Filter, 36 months
Dimensions (W*D*H) 374*155*413mm
Tank Capacity Tankless
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line