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Inle Sediment Pre Filter


Install the Inle sediment pre filter at the point from where the water enters your home, the whole house water-using appliances can be protected. Inle pre filter can intercept harmful substances in the water, such as rust, sediment and other impurities, stick to the first line of defense for each family, and effectively prolong the service life of water-using appliances. The filter bottle can be used at low temperatures down to -30℃.

  • Reduce sediment down to 40 microns in size
  • Flow rate up to 3000 L/h
  • No-electric


Ergonomic Design

Durable Design
Durable Design

The body of Inle pre filter is made of high-precision brass that has excellent corrosion resistance. And the see-through design allows you to monitor the status of filter at any time.

Easily Maintenance
Easily Maintenance

Twist the valve, and Inlet pre filter will drain polluted water easily. Do it periodically (15 days) can improve the performance of the pre filter.

Powerful Cleaning
Powerful Cleaning

Two wipers conduct a two-way wiping that delivers powerful cleaning for removing the adhered impurities.


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Filter Material: 316 Stainless steel mesh
Water Capacity 3000 L/h
Power Consumption No-electric
Inlet Water Pressure 100~400Kpa
Water Temperature 5-38℃
Dimensions (W*D*H) 153*66*210mm
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line