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Bert 50G RO Water Purifier


Bert 50G RO water purifier produces up to 50 GPD of clean, great-tasting water for your home or office. Eliminate up to 99% of dissolved solids, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms and heavy metals. Comes with a durable and toughest lead-free Stainless steel faucet, preventing purified water from secondary pollution.  It supports overworking protection and the water purifier will stop pumping automatically when it continuously produces water for five hours.

  • Compact design, 50 GPD capacity
  • Flow rate of up to 7.8 L/h
  • 4-Stage filtration: PP+AC+RO+AC
  • Comes with a 3 Gallon storage tank
  • Installation types: Wall mounted, Undersink
  • Minimum order quantity: 200 units


Powerful Pretreatment

Powerful Pretreatment

The US pro composite filter not only remove large particles, residual chlorine and odors. And it increases the efficiency and life expectancy of the RO membrane.

3-Year RO Membrane

The RO membrane removes all organic matter, and up to 99% of heavy metals & antibiotics from the tap water. Plus, the desalination rate is greater than 95%.

3-Year RO Membrane
Filter Life Reminder

Filter Life Reminder

A built-in filter life indicator that will remind you when it is time to change the filters. To help to keep your water clean, check the status of your filter cartridge every day.

Easy Filter Change

Replacing the filter can be done in 3 seconds. The simple process saves you from a complex situation.

Easy Filter Change


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Water Capacity 50 GPD

Flow Rate 7.8 L/h
Inlet Water Temp 5-38 °C
Inlet Water Pressure 100~300kPa
Filter & Service Life* USpro Composite filter, 12 months
RO Filter, 24 months
AC Filter, 12 months
Dimensions (W*D*H) 435×175×399mm
Tank Capacity 11.356 L (3 Gallons)
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line