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A8 Pro Under Sink RO Water Purifier


A8 Pro equipped with angel’s newest fresh hot integrated system, can meet the needs of kitchen drinking, washing and heating in one stop. Equipped with silver hot water faucet, you can choose the clean water from 25-100℃ by rotating the handle. A8 Pro is a part of the X-Tech series of water purification products, an upgraded version of A8 RO water purifier series. With Angel long-term reverse osmosis membrane filter element 2.0, the water purification effect does not decay for 5 years.

  • 800GPD capacity
  • Dual water outlet
  • Fresh hot integrated system
  • 60 Months long lasting RO membrane
  • 3:1 Ultra low wastewater ratio
  • Filter replacement reminder


Product Hot Water

Product Hot Water

The hot water rate is 60 L/h, and the over-flow rapid heating ensures that every drop is fresh hot water.

Intelligent Electronic Faucet

Display screen on the faucet indicates the filter life and hot water temperature. 360°multi-functional water outlet knob, four water temperatures are optional.

Intelligent Electronic Faucet
ACF filter 2.0

ACF filter 2.0

Higher water purification rate, water production capacity up to 1500 L/h, the performance is improved by 25%, and the kitchen sink can be filled in 3 minutes.

Long-term RO Membrane 2.0

The unique all-round flow channel design has stronger anti pollution ability. It can be stably operated for 5 years.

Long-term RO Membrane 2.0
Dual Water Outlet

Dual Water Outlet

A8 Pro produces RO purified water for direct drinking and filtered water for rinsing or boiling.

Split Design

Angel's original split water dispenser is easy to install and can skillfully responds to the complex and narrow kitchen space.

Split Design


Model Y1251LKY-ROM
Water Capacity 800GPD
Flow Rate ACF: 900 L/h
RO: 120 L/h
Inlet Water Temp 5-38 °C
Inlet Water Pressure 100-400kPa
Filter & Service Life* ACF Composite filter 2.0, 12 months
Scale inhibitor filter, 36 months
RO Filter 2.0, 60 months
Patented AC filter, 18 months
Dimensions (W*D*H) ACF: Φ150*440mm
RO: 180*440*430mm
Water Outlet Dual water (MF +RO)
Pressure Tank Tankless
* Service life will vary according to flow rate, influent line